Fluitec Boost AO

Boost AO can double your oil life by restoring your critical antioxidant systems.


Oil is the lifeblood of your plant.
For the past two decades, Fluitec’s mission has been to make your critical oils operate at peak levels, for as long as possible. Perhaps even for the life of your plant. Boost AO is a critical step in this mission. Fluitec have created a proprietary technology that can replace depleted antioxidants in oil – replenishing bad chemistry with good chemistry.

Your Oil is an Asset not an Expense
Your oil and lubricants can now last a lot longer, they can be counted as an asset – like turbines, compressors and other equipment – and not an expense. This can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line.

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Boost AO Lowers your Risk
Changing oil in a large turbine is complicated, expensive and risky. Not only can the process cost over a hundred thousand dollars, it can also expose your oil to foreign contaminants and harmful chemicals.
You can choose an alternative: replenish your oil while your plant is operating.
Boost AO can accomplish this combined with the right team of highly trained specialists and precision testing every step of the way. Our Qualification Process ensures that Boost AO is a suitable solution for your particular fluid.

Antioxidant Re-balancing
New oil formulations have a careful balance of additive components working harmoniously together. Boost AO is customised specifically for your oil and designed to rebalance your additive system. The formulation and treat rate are developed based on your original oil formulation and current condition of the in-service oil.

Custom Boost AO blends are developed by experienced oil formulators with deep knowledge and expertise.

The additive components are blended into a concentrate with a unique synthesized base stock having a similar viscosity as your in-service oil. The API GV base is highly soluble, allowing Boost AO to be blended on site with no special equipment.

The added benefit of Boost AO is that it dramatically increases your in-service oil’s deposit control characteristics. This translates to longer lasting oil with lower levels of sludge and varnish.

Qualification Testing
Not every in-service oil is suitable for additive replenishment.

Oil degradation products, mixed formulations and contamination are among some of the reasons that an oil may not be appropriate for restoring antioxidant health.

Fluitec’s scientists have developed a Qualification Test that is required prior to considering Boost AO.

Qualification Testing includes running a range of tests on your in-service oil, developing a customised Boost formulation, blending Boost AO at the specified treat rate with your in-service oil and performing compatibility testing according to ASTM D7155.

If your oil is qualified, you can be certain that adding Boost AO will not cause any adverse effects in your system and that your antioxidants will be rebalanced. Your oil will be suitable for years of additional service.

The Qualification Testing is the key to ensuring that Boost AO lowers your oil management risks.

A sample size of 3 litre is required. Below are the steps involved in the process.