Fluitec Boost VR

The Inherently-Safe way to Remove Varnish 

Varnish in turbines and compressors are well known to disrupt reliable operations. Deposits will adversely impact plant availability and increase maintenance costs. If plants don’t proactively control deposits in turbine and compressor oil systems, varnish and sludge need to be removed during planned outages to restore system reliability.Fluitec Boost VR Varnish Removal

Chemical cleaning is one method of flushing out varnish. Surface activating cleaners are typically used for chemical cleaning, however they contain detergents and dispersants.

While effective at removing deposits, detergent/dispersant based flushing chemicals can be hazardous if used incorrectly. Even tiny amounts of residual cleaner can cause compatibility problems, threatening the performance of your new turbine or compressor oil.

That’s why Fluitec developed Boost VR (Varnish Removal). It’s an inherently safe way of performing chemical cleaning that doesn’t impact your lubricant’s water separability, hydrolytic stability or air release properties. The unique chemistry of Boost VR increases your oil’s solvency while re-solubilizing deposits.