Onsite vs Offsite

CTG Lubrication Services offer both lubricant condition monitoring and PROPEL Oil Management as an on-site or off-site service.

On-site service

On-site PROPEL Oil Management does not require equipment shutdown, enabling productivity to be maintained while testing is undertaken. In most cases, treatment of the lubricant can be undertaken without shutting down the equipment, provided that suitable access points are available on the equipment.

On-site Advantages

  • Lubricant is renewed while equipment remains in service – Eliminates equipment downtime and maintains productivity
  • No lubricant transportation cost to and from CTG Facility

Off-site service

Off-site PROPEL Oil Management condition monitoring is completed by collecting lubricant samples in bottles for analysis. Treatment at a CTG facility allows for larger systems, or combined multiple smaller systems that utilise the same lubricant, to be treated with optimal efficiency.

Off-site CTG Facility Advantages

  • Processing schedule operates 24/7 for faster lubricant treatment turnaround, whereas on-site treatment may be limited by customer operating hours
  • Usually lower treatment cost per litre compared to on-site treatment
  • Lubricant renewal completed before lubricant is returned to service
  • Immediate lubricant viscosity adjustment possible, if required
  • Disposal of any waste by-products can be completed by CTG