Science of varnish build up

The science of varnish build-up and clean up: Our obsession is your lucky day.

For years, researchers at Fluitec have looked deep into the root causes of varnish build up and its impact on business and industry. In fact, we may understand the chemistry of oil degradation better than anyone. Our hard work in this field has led us to the development of ESP, the world’s most advanced varnish mitigation technology. ESP is a proven technology that has been embraced by a wide range of industries throughout the globe.

The symptoms of varnish build-up in your system:

• Sticking and seizing valves
• Overheated bearings
• Decreased effectiveness of heat exchangers
• Increased wear on valves and other components
• Shortened life of lubricant, filters and seals
• Impaired equipment functionality
• Increased maintenance and associated costs
• Decreased reliability & availability