BRB International Lubricant Additives

CTG Lubrication Services is proud to be the Australian and New Zealand distributor for BRB International range of Lubricant Additives and Viscosity Improvers.

BRB Lubricant Additives

BRB International is a global producer of lube oil additives & chemicals.

For over 35 years BRB has been active in the automotive, industrial and off shore industry, for which they deliver innovative and tailor-made solutions.

Product range includes

  • Viscosity Modifiers
  • Engine Oil Additives
  • Automotive Additives
  • Driveline Additives – Gear Oil
  • Driveline Additives – Automatic Transmission Fluids
  • Off Road Additives –¬†Universal Tractor Transmission Oils (UTTO)
  • Off Road Additives – Transmission and Drive Train Oils (TDTO)
  • Off Road Additives – Super Tractor Universal Oil (STOU)
  • Hydraulic Additives
  • Industrial Oil Additives
  • Outboard \ 2 Stroke Additives
  • Tacky Additives
  • Pour point depressant (PPD)

For more information on BRB range of Lubricant Additives please email