Hydraulic Oil Cleaning Case Study

Sample of PROPEL Oil Management oil condition monitoring and cleaning

A customer delivered a 1000 litre IBC of contaminated hydraulic oil to CTG treatment facility.

The sample on the left shows the free water and highly contaminated sludge that was removed from the collected oil prior to the renewal process commencing.

The middle sample is the contaminated hydraulic oil prior to renewal. The cloudy appearance indicates high water contamination and microscope analysis indicated an ISO cleanliness code of 19/17/14.

The sample on the right is the final renewed oil product. The oil was filtered, dehydrated, tested and additives replaced.

A certificate of analysis was issued that confirmed that the returned oil was renewed to new oil specification or higher and that the renewed oil had a final ISO cleanliness of 15/14/11.

Following completion of the renewal process the customer collected the 1000 litre IBC from the CTG treatment facility.