CTG Lubrication Services is proud to be the Australian and New Zealand distributor for

BRB International range of Lubricant Additives and Viscosity Improvers

STELLA Performance lubricants – a range of NSF H1 Food Grade Oils and Greases

BRB Lubricant Additives

BRB International is a global producer of lube oil additives & chemicals.

Product range includes

  • Viscosity Modifiers
  • Engine Oil Additives
  • Automotive Additives
  • Driveline Additives – Gear Oil
  • Off Road Additives –¬†Universal Tractor Transmission Oils (UTTO)
  • Off Road Additives – Transmission and Drive Train Oils (TDTO)
  • Off Road Additives – Super Tractor Universal Oil (STOU)
  • Hydraulic Additives
  • Industrial Oil Additives
  • Tacky Additives
  • Pour point depressant (PPD)

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